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#yasiinbey #dantesmith #blackstar #mc5 #2012 #chewism (at Le Bataclan)

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Proud to have an involvement in this band name…
Shouts out to Dajla & White Tiger Society!!!
(at bottom of my heart)

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The Roots (Paris, 2012)
#whattheydo #questlove #blackthought #tubagoodingjr #captainkirk (at Le ZENITH PARIS)

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When an artist you shot uses one of your pics to announce his summer tour and that your half’s telling you when you wake, you just like “wow! cool!!!”
#mattic #jukeboxchampions #summertour #chewism

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Jukebox Champions : Live@Le Bataclan (2014)

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25 Nights For Nujabes.

A beat a night for 25 nights in dedication to Seba Jun.

His music was so full of emotion and beauty. Rest in peace.


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Once upon a live…

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Versus playing live@Daufunk Phenomena (March 2014)

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Cercle Underground (Battle),
Saint-Denis@Académie Fratellini (April 2013)

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If you’re down with music from Philadelphia, you know em (peace to @hezekiah3rd as well)

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Done! Thanks to my Versus family.
Stay tuned for the next episodes…